Beginner Class sessions

This page was for enrolled members of our Good Dog 101 class to let us know you will be coming to a specific group drop in session.

The drop ins provided more flexibility during covid uncertainty but were not working as well as we would like. We had few dogs attend and so became just chats about individual issues more than being able to practise things in a group. 
So we are now doing structured lessons in a 4 week course which will run from 7 until 8pm on Wednesdays with the next one starting on Wednesday the 5th of May. We will start with a few basic exercises which will be around some of the course content then in the middle focus on getting the dog paying attention to you and exercises to help with off leash control. Then a time for questions and some other information.
If you have enrolled previously when we were running the drop in sessions and are only now thinking to attend some in person sessions you can contact us and see if it suits to do the 4 week structured course instead.