We now offer an online course supported by 4 weeks of group training sessions in Warkworth.

Even without viruses it can be challenging to deliver an in-person class effectively when life interferes. Dogs or people get sick, weather turns bad or work or other events crop up on the same night. Sometimes hearing is difficult or something said is not that clear. Even with good notes people will only get or retain a portion of what is said and often there is an overload of material.

There will not be any wait for the next course time to roll around and no waiting list so you can start working the good habits now rather than give them the chance to embed the not so good ones. Also included is the opportunity to attend a 4 week course on Wednesdays in Warkworth. This course will  practise only some of the course material but give you an opportunity to ask any questions. The bulk of the time will be spent with some ideas to help with your progression to reliable behaviour off leash. We will allow a puppy to attend before their last booster but you should check with your vet as some will prioritise socialisation over 100% vaccination cover but others will prefer you wait until you have finished the complete course of injections.

An online framework means people can go at their own or their dog’s pace and watch again anything they do not understand. It will not, however, have to entirely replace group sessions and individual advice. The new course structure gives the opportunity to have group class contact if that is useful for you or just use the online component if it is not convenient or important to have the in person work. At the weekly sessions we can talk less and do more now.

The 4 week courses start regularly but you will need to book a place to attend as places are limited. We email recent enrolled people when one is planned but there may be a wait depending on demand and things like the christmas break. It is best if you have reviewed and practised some of the important online lessons but it is not required that you have watched all or even most of them to come.

So you get:

  • A professionally-filmed 6-week course covering some basic behaviours like coming when called, not pulling on lead and staying in place. This course is made up of short videos giving you all the required information to train the exercises. You will retain access to these videos so you can watch them as many times as you wish.
  • A private Facebook group where the local instructors in Warkworth can answer any questions you have on content covered in the course and any other dog-related questions. You can post videos of your dog for feedback, or just for fun, and get ideas on alternative approaches if one of the lessons is not working for you. Extra content will be also be added to enhance the online course.
  • A 4 week in person course in Warkworth to practice some exercises with other dogs around and added material to help with a life off leash. As part of the course you can attend the 4 weeks in Warkworth or just use the online content to get a happier relationship with your dog.

So the next step is to sign up to the online part of the course at the link below. There will be a link to facebook sent after you signup and you can use this to ask to join the group.


Good Dog Course