Club Rules

Absolute musts

ALL DOGS are expected to be fully vaccinated if they are attending classes/events run by the club.

HANDLERS must be aged 15 years or older, unless by prior arrangement.

SICK DOGS / BITCHES IN SEASON must not attend classes/events held by the club. In the event of a course, missed classes may be made up in the next course.

LEADS: We recommend a soft lead and collar for training. No retractable or chain leads, please. No Check/Choke chain collars.

ALL DOGS must be on a lead in beginner domestic obedience classes. If you believe you have control over your dog at other classes/events you may let them off lead but if they do not respond to you we request you put them back on lead as soon as you can “catch” them.

RED RIBBON POLICY:  Red ribbons on collars signify to others that your dog needs its own personal space and that you should approach such dogs cautiously and with the owners’ permission. If your dog is such a dog we have red ribbons available on request.

Strongly suggested

FOOD TREATS: Please bring any SPECIAL TREAT food that you would like to use for training your dog, e.g. sausage pieces, cheese, liver treats etc. The more enticing it is the more attention they will pay you. These should be able to be dispensed from your pocket or a waist pouch easily. You will give a lot more out than you think when training new exercises so bring plenty. You will be asking a lot of your dog so they will earn a lot of pay. NOTE: Please do not put food into agility obstacles as this causes issues for other dogs.

DO NOT FEED your dog before class as they work better on an empty stomach and are less likely to embarrass you by having an accident in class. However, in case of an accident stand still as this way it does not create a six-foot trial to pick up. Don’t be embarrassed – it’s happened to all of us! The Club has a bucket, disinfectant and doggie bags for you to clean it up.

BUILDING BLOCK APPROACH: For courses the club runs, each week’s class lays the foundation for the next week. In order to progress the dog must be ready for the next week’s lesson. This is accomplished through homework.

HOMEWORK: Practice at home is what brings success. Our classes are for the purpose of teaching you how to train your dog. Your dog will learn through the repetition of the exercises at home. To achieve success we suggest 10-15 minutes twice daily or 5-10 minutes 3 to 4 times daily especially with young puppies.

QUESTIONS: Please ask questions whenever you are confused or need help. If you have a problem talk to someone with more experience. A problem shared is a problem solved.

CHILDREN are welcome at classes but we do ask that they sit quietly away from the class and not run around as they can be very distracting for your dog and others. Most dogs think children are their playmates so it’s not much fun having to work when your buddies are playing!!!