The club gains no financial benefit from shopping at the sites listed and provides them only as some ideas where to find useful dog equipment.We recommend:

  • A good harness to walk dogs on – one that does not restrict shoulder movement (Y front) and having a back and front attachment point can be useful
  • A longer lead for “sniffy walks” of 3 to 5 metres
  • A non chain lead for closer heeling walks – a double ended lead is handy to be able to use as a waist lead, tie out to posts or to be able to double attach it to front and back of the harness
  • Food toys to keep them occupied – Kongs and Snoop balls to stuff – Often cheaper options for many products and a cheap source of basic long lines – Great for interactive toys and feeding enrichment Great for long lines – biothane is a good material for long lines but not cheap The Copenhagen harnesses are great for walking but a big range of other great equipment on this site also. They do not keep many in stock so it may be a long wait for a new order from Europe but the Comfort Walk Air has a clip at the front which can be easier to put on when your dog has a big head for their body size. The Ruffwear front range is another not cheap but quality harness The Truelove harnesses are cheaper than the Copenhagen or Ruffwear options but are good harnesses and most have front and back clips which is our preference.