What it is:

This sport mixes agility and flyball and is a lot of fun for dogs who like balls. It is also lot of fun to watch as a spectator. Originally, flyball is where your dog is sent to retrieve a tennis ball from a special box that your dog activates (called a flyball box) while completing a series of jumps both to the flyball box and back to you. This run to the flyball box is now mixed with any number and style of agility obstacles in both directions turning flyball into flygility. You, as the handler, must not cross the start line with the aim of the game to send your dog to the flyball box while completing each obstacle, activating the flyball box, and returning to you, ball in mouth, again completing each obstacle. Yep, it takes training!

In competition, there are two identical courses set up side by side and your dog races against another dog to see who can get back first with the ball while completing the obstacles correctly.

What regulations are there in flygility?

Due to the same safety reasons as agility, dogs must be 12 months old before competing. There are a variety of levels of competition to suit different skill levels as for all dog sports. Any type of dog can compete and there are no limitations on who can be a handler, including those bound to a wheelchair.

How do I get my dog involved?

We get out the flyball boxes out often at Tuesday night sessions between 6 and 7pm. Depending on who is turns up, there might well be a series of obstacles too. Your first task is to teach your dog to operate the flyball box… once this is mastered you can have lots of fun with your dog!