Dog Training and behaviour Facebook links


Dog Training Advice (UK)  Lots of good information on dealing with problem behaviours using force-free techniques

Force Free Dog Training (NZ)  Good place to find private trainers for more one on one work and information on force-free dog trainers

Doghouse Trick Training  The next step up is training your dog to be a star like some of the dogs featured here. Tricks to impress family and build a stronger relationship with your dog

The Glasgow Dog Trainer  An excellent positive trainer with a lot of good training information here, on his blog and youtube channel

Dogfriends – Auckland/Rodney

Northern Nose Work Group Local group for people interest in training competition or games with scents and treats

Naughty but Nice  Aimed at reactive/aggressive/anxious dogs mainly but a lot of great information for owners of lower maintenance mutts also

Relationship Power  Same people as Naughty but Nice but more on more general relationship based training