A class setting is not the best to deal with some dog behaviour issues. One on one conversations on specific issues cannot happen in any depth and the presence of the other dogs can make dealing with the issue more difficult. We are a club and not a business and do not offer classes or sessions to address specific issues beyond individuals offering friendly advice.

The club does not recommend any specific professional trainers but will provide links below to any that are relatively local, say they use positive training or force free methods and the committee has not had negative feedback expressed about them.

The fact any trainer is a “professional” or “qualified” does not make them a good trainer or good value. Many will be no more knowledgeable or experienced than many club members and a few will be actually giving bad advice for your dog. If you have a specific issue causing you stress – aggression, separation anxiety, extreme timidness etc then you may get well-meaning advice from a club member but a more complete plan to tackle the problem is probably what is needed and that can be provided by a good professional trainer. Just ask questions up front about how they train problems and how many sessions are likely to be needed and try someone else if you are not comfortable with what you hear.

Sniffers Dog Training Based out of Leigh offering classes and one on ones along with problem behaviours

Coast Canines Based in Warkworth area offering one on one training and dog walking

Forward Paws Dog Training Based in Silverdale Cheryl Ritchie is an experienced trainer offering classes in domestic training and agility as well as behaviour consultations.

K9 Services Based in Helensville offering domestic training and behaviour consultations as well as dog walking.

DOGLife NZ Auckland based but covers the Warkworth area. Training and behaviour consultations.